A resilient community where people belong, contribute and flourish


Sowing and potting-on

GENERAL PRINCIPLES FOR SOWING AND POTTING-ON: Sowing depth: Sow twice as deep as the size of the seed. Tiny seeds like celery and basil need only a very light covering with soil. Large seeds like beans need to be sown deeper, 2-3cm. Seeds will not germinate if you sow them too deep. Watering: The goldilocks […]

Seeds – Viability and Vigour

How long do seeds last? Seed Viability and Vigour (Taken from An Introduction to Seed Saving: Nourish Workshop May, 2021) Seed viability and seed vigour are not the same thing. Viability refers to a seed’s ability to germinate, whereas vigour refers to the overall health and vitality of the seedling. At high germination percentages (above […]

Matariki 2021

Matariki 2021 Building a resilient community where people belong and flourish is what our trust is al about. Matariki in Malvern which was held on the 26th of June saw that in action. There were over 500 people in attendance  all coming together to celebrate Matariki. People and children of all ages performed, created art […]

Who we are, what do we do?

What can a neighbour do for a neighbour? Great question! This question is at the heart of our reason for being, expressed in a short mission statement below- Building resilient neighbourhoods and communities where people belong, contribute and flourish. and so, Our story so far – The Two Rivers Community Trust is a Christian-based charitable […]

Nourish, Grafting day – Sep 2015

Grafting is so much fun in the doing, and so enjoyable eating a range of fruit off one tree. With apples they can get into what is called biennial bearing – a heavy crop one year, nothing much the next. In a small garden that is a serious problem. By grafting, it is possible to […]