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Sowing and potting-on

GENERAL PRINCIPLES FOR SOWING AND POTTING-ON: Sowing depth: Sow twice as deep as the size of the seed. Tiny seeds like celery and basil need only a very light covering with soil. Large seeds like beans need to be sown deeper, 2-3cm. Seeds will not germinate if you sow them too deep. Watering: The goldilocks […]

Seeds – Viability and Vigour

How long do seeds last? Seed Viability and Vigour (Taken from An Introduction to Seed Saving: Nourish Workshop May, 2021) Seed viability and seed vigour are not the same thing. Viability refers to a seed’s ability to germinate, whereas vigour refers to the overall health and vitality of the seedling. At high germination percentages (above […]

Nourish, Grafting day – Sep 2015

Grafting is so much fun in the doing, and so enjoyable eating a range of fruit off one tree. With apples they can get into what is called biennial bearing – a heavy crop one year, nothing much the next. In a small garden that is a serious problem. By grafting, it is possible to […]