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Social Housing

The goal for Social Housing is for people to have choice around affordable, healthy housing, appropriate to their needs.
We have some aspirational goals around providing or managing social housing in the Malvern District. Currently we are in discussions with potential partners to purchase and manage some social housing. In the mean time we have built some cabins for purchase, and have been involved in Housing consultation and facilitating Home Energy Checks with Canterbury Energy Action.

The Malvern Housing Trust is moving forward with plans for the provision of social housing in Darfield. Two Rivers Community Trust is looking more to supporting tenants to sustain tenancies by providing services that help tenants look after themselves and their homes.


2015 saw the inaugural Malvern Community Building Challenge. Three teams build 3 cabins (under 10sq mtr) which were sold to people to meet various needs from a bedroom to a office and studio. While these may be small efforts, they serve the purpose of providing low cost solutions for people needing extra space. We believe this is a really achievable model and along with the cabins being built, through volunteer labour and a shared vision, we built friendships, learned skills and had plenty of fun.


In 2014 Selwyn District Council commissioned a report looking at Housing Needs in Selwyn District by Sarah
Wylie. Darfield was one of the towns under discussion. A group of were asked to be part of the community consultation, and have had ongoing conversations with the Council. We have a medium term goal of either managing or owning social housing to provide for the needs of lower income families or retirees. We see these 2 groups as being particularly vulnerable in our rural context.

Home Energy Check

We have a partnership with Community Energy Action to help facilitate a visit to your home if you want advice on how to make your home warmer, drier and healthier! A fee may apply, but many people qualify for subsidy through having a Community Services Card. Vulnerable people (e.g. elderly, those with serious health conditions) may be eligible for a free Home Energy Check.